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Coated 409 stainless steel prepped for w

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Every generation or so produces an entirely new technology which, quite literally, causes a shift in the world's industrial base.  Examples include the internal combustion engine, synthetic fibers and plastics, nuclear energy and transistor technology to name a few.  Fused Armor™ technology will be judged by future generations to be such a case.

Fused Armor™ is a new technology and a vastly superior way of protecting and enhancing the performance of metals.  Fused Armor is not a paint, coating, anodizing or plating.  It consists of multiple inorganic, environmentally friendly formulations that are actually anchored -- fused -- into the surface of the metals they are protecting and enhancing.  Fused Armor protects against moisture, salts, acids, base chemicals, oxidization and other forms of corrosion;  it provides an impermeable barrier to liquids and gases;  it can operate effectively over a wide range of temperatures;  it is UV and weather resistant;  it can be formulated for end-use requirements ranging from high lubricity to non-skid;  it can provide an extraordinary level of electrical and thermal insulation;  it is impact, abrasion and erosion resistant;  and, it can be provided in a wide spectrum of colors.  It hardens and strengthens metals, allowing for substitution of less costly substrates, yet is amazingly ductile.

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