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Corrosion prevention and remediation represent huge ongoing costs in all areas of Defense. Moreover, failure of critical parts is not an option.  Fused Armor can greatly extend the life of surfaces and parts.  Furthermore, Fused Armor can eliminate or substantially reduce exhaust heat signatures in ground vehicles.  Finally, there are preliminary indications that Fused Armor will be able to diffuse radar and sonar signals, giving it stealth capabilities.

Extends component protection by at least 5 lifetimes vs. epoxies & other industrial coatings. Virtually unaffected by acids, alkalis, salt and salt water (automotive & naval military testing).Colors do not fade.  Reduces vehicle heat signatures.Electrically insulating (no spark-through at 40,000 volts), no static sparking and fireproof.  Operating range -- from a high temperature of 1650°F/900°C (hottest exhaust) down to a low of -321°F/ -196°C (liquid nitrogen).Improves engine power and fuel economy.Allows use of less costly steels -- Fused Armor clad mild steels vs. costly stainless and alloys.  Possible stealth capabilities.

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