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Roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, mass transit, airports, the electrical power grid -- the performance characteristics which make Fused Armor so superior in terms of corrosion and salt resistance mean that it is ideal for many Infrastructure applications.  Steel bridges are an excellent example.  Such steel must withstand not only atmospheric sourced corrosion, but also one of the most corrosive naturally occurring substances known to man -- bird droppings.  Dirt, salt deposits and droppings can simply be pressure washed off Fused Armor.  Flanges and coupling likewise can be virtually corrosion-proofed.  Rebar clad with Fused Armor will not be corroded by cement or moisture. Lesser grade steels clad with Fused Armor can be substituted for far more costly corrosion resistant steels.

Extends component protection by at least 5 lifetimes vs. epoxies & other industrial coatings. Virtually unaffected by acids, alkalis, salt and salt water (automotive & naval military testing). Colors do not fade.  Electrically insulating (no spark-through at 40,000 volts), no static sparking and fireproof.Pressure wash structures vs. blast, prep and re-coat.  Allows use of less costly steels -- Fused Armor clad mild steels vs. costly stainless and alloys.

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