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In addition to the many advantages of Fused Armor clad steel and cast iron structural components, another factor has been discovered.  Preliminary indications are that Fused Armor will also perform as a radiation shield. It may be possible for several thin layers of Fused Armor on mild steel to provide the shielding capability of much thicker and more cumbersome conventional methods.

Extends component protection by at least 5 lifetimes vs. epoxies & other industrial coatings.  Virtually unaffected by acids, alkalis, salt and salt water (automotive & naval military testing).  Operating range - from a high temperature of 1650°F/900°C (hottest exhaust) down to a low of -321°F/-196°C (liquid nitrogen).  Electrically insulating (no spark-through at 40,000 volts), no static sparking and fireproof.  Possible use of far less costly radiation shielding & containment solutions.

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