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Numerous challenges face the many protective coating applications in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals industries: corrosion (primarily acid resistance), erosion, heat and heat management and electrical insulation, to name a few.  Downtime lost revenue for emergencies as well as routine maintenance are always a concern. Fused Armor specifically addresses all of these issues. It is extremely acid resistant; is impact, abrasion and erosion resistant; provides superior heat insulation and containment; and, due to its electrical insulating properties, provides an effective barrier to microbial induced corrosion (MIC).  In addition, Fused Armors lubricity improves the flow of liquids through pipes and pipelines.

Extends component protection by at least 5 lifetimes vs. epoxies & other industrial coatings.  Virtually unaffected by acids, alkalis, salt and salt water (automotive & naval military testing).  Colors do not fade.Fused Armor is virtually unaffected by boiling sulfuric acid (6 hour test).  Contains and retains heat of liquids in piping and pipelines.  Operating range 1650°F/900°C (hottest exhaust) down to -321°F/-196°C (liquid nitrogen).  Electrically insulating (no spark-through at 40,000 volts), no static sparking and fireproof.  Lubricity close to Teflon -- improves flow and throughput.  Allows use of less costly steels -- Fused Armor clad mild steels vs. costly stainless and alloys.

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