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Coatings maintenance on ship hulls and other vessel surfaces is necessary and very costly -- the maintenance itself is expensive and downtime lost revenue can be critical.  For roughly the same cost as existing coatings, highly durable Fused Armor can greatly extend the time between lost revenue maintenance downtime.  In addition, Fused Armor's lubricity in the water can improve fuel economy (or speed).  Finally, the electrical resistance of Fused Armor provides superior cathodic protection.

Extends hull protection by at least 5 lifetimes vs. epoxies & other industrial coatings.  Virtually unaffected by acids, alkalis, salt and salt water (automotive & naval military testing).  Colors do not fade.  Lubricity resists bio-fouling & barnacle attachment (naval military testing).  Lubricity close to Teflon -- improves vessel fuel economy/speed by up to 10%.  Electrically insulating (no spark-through at 40,000 volts), no static sparking and fireproof.  Eliminates cathodic induced damage.  Operating range -- 1650°F/900°C (hottest exhaust) down to -321°F/-196°C (liquid nitrogen).  Formulations for non-skid applications -- decks & stairways.

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